Always Improving


AutoConvey can handle:

  • Firewood
  • Mulch
  • Wood Shavings
  • Manure
  • Hay

Durability & Dependability Constructed with heavy, C-4 5.4 C-channel, AutoConvey withstands ongoing heavy use and impact from operational errors. An industrial grade powdercoat designed to stand up to high-abrasion environments protects ABS equipment from rust. Our products are intentionally overbuilt for years of trouble-free service.

Faster & Safer AutoConvey is designed for faster delivery with minimal handling and maximum operator safety.


Durable, Customizable, Low Maintenance

The AutoConvey from ABS is the elevator custom built to suit all your outdoor material handling and loading needs. Although ABS is known for our firewood processing equipment, the AutoConvey is built for a wide range of material loading purposes. With its hydraulic top drive powered by a 5.5 HP gas Honda GX160 engine our conveyor can handle a wide range of agricultural, forestry and construction materials: firewood, coal, mulch, wood, shavings, manure, sawdust, sand, top soil, hay, silage and even Christmas trees. The AutoConvey’s heavy duty 20” inch-wide deck outfitted with a durable 3-ply rubber belt and optional vulcanized paddles is durable and dependable. Thirteen-inch wheels, optional radial stacking axles, and removable trailer hitch make the AutoConvey one of the most mobile conveyors on the market. The AutoConvey, like all of ABS’ products, features modular construction and an eye-catching barn red protective paint job. Whether you’re stacking firewood in the back of a half-ton pickup or piling a dump truck with mulch, the AutoConvey is available in models capable of reaching over 17’ feet max height with standard hydraulic lift, and available 40’ feet in length. We have a conveyor to suit your operation.