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Durability & Dependability AutoFine is overbuilt to withstand anything a day on the site can dish out. We design for low maintenance and dependable service, even after years of heavy usage.

Faster & Safer The innovative AutoFine design minimalizes handling and improves operator safety.



  • 8 sets of manipulators to remove debris
  • Load directly with a bucket, many sizes available
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Integrated conveyors available for more rapid loading

AutoFine fines separator is ABS’ heavy duty log-cleaning solution for the serious firewood producer. AutoFine’s unique design features eight rows of hexagonal rotating discs that agitate and clean firewood, removing dirt and debris in a low impact environment. Carefully aligned spacing between the discs allows kindling and bark to be efficiently screened out, allowing easy collection. AutoFine’s loading setup allows the operator to loader buckets of firewood directly into the chamber, unlike a traditional rotary trommel firewood tumbler. Powered by a dependable Honda GX160 5.5HP Engine, AutoFine is built to withstand years of heavy use, cord after cord. The AutoFine will accelerate your firewood operation with a clean, easy-to-sort wood product ready for stacking and packing.