Always Improving


Durability & Dependability

Our ABS splitters are exceptionally strong, overbuilt to withstand anything a day on the site can dish out. We pride ourselves in providing innovative designs that are built to last, even after years of heavy usage. Our products are thoughtfully designed for trouble-free safe service.

Faster & Safer

Operator safety is our top priority. ABS AutoSplit maximizes operator safety by providing physical separation between the splitting action and the operator. With a completely enclosed cylinder and hydraulic system, the machine is not only safer to operate; it is also protected from accidents and the elements for fewer breakdowns and lower maintenance.


Consistent, Powerful, Safe

Powered by a Honda GX-630 20 HP motor, AutoSplit offers 18 tons of wood-splitting force and rugged, ergonomic design. Using our unique 3-, 4- or 5-way Box Wedge, you’ll get two true cords of firewood per hour regardless of wood size or condition. The AutoSplit is our box wedge firewood splitter designed to produce easy stacking, uniform, marketable pieces of firewood in a consistent fashion. No more wasting time and energy re-splitting. Our unique automatic block return sweeps the log back. The AutoSplit reduces the time and effort required to make quality cord wood like no other log splitter on the market.

To operate, load the block lift with blocks up to 30”in diameter. Engage the spool valve to lift the block to the operational height. Roll the block into the splitting chamber. Engage the splitting lever forward to activate the wood-splitting ram. Hold as the firewood block is pushed through the wedge. The lower portion of the block is split into uniform pieces, while the upper portion of the wedge is pulled back into the chamber after the operator pulls the lever. Now the block is ready to be completed. It's just that easy to split even, consistent firewood every time with AutoSplit.